Basic Guide To Drug Testing

If an analysis is a surprise or if you were unable to manage a detox, you need to prepare better. In this case, the only lifeline can be represented by the most effective remedy of all, but also the most daring and risky: submit a fake sample.

You need to find a trusted friend who has the chance to deliver his sample a few minutes before the test (alternatively it should be heated before going to the exam). However, it is necessary to have cold nerves and to hope not to be confronted with controllers too many rules to avoid being discovered in the act of exchanging samples.

There are numerous test methods for identifying the use of substances. All drugs can in principle be found by means of a test if they are specifically searched for. However, this is not always the case; in general, urine and saliva tests only search for opiates (heroin, morphine), methamphetamine, amphetamine, MDMA (XTC), cannabis, cocaine and sometimes benzodiazepines. If you are tested positive on one of these drugs, other drugs with a blood test can come up.

It is also not the case that all drug testing resources that look similar to each other are tested in the same way. The degradation product (metabolite) of a product is often looked at, and it may differ. For example, amphetamine and 4-fluoramphetamine appear chemically similar but have a different metabolite, so they will not be the same as the outcome of a test.

This does not mean that 4-fluoramphetamine is never recognized, this depends on the analysis method used and whether the person who does the analysis knows what he or she should look out for. There are cases known of people who tested positive for amphetamine after using 4-fluoramphetamine, so it is better not to use it for a test.

Many new psychoactive substances are not known how long they are detectable in the body, this is because there is usually no searching for. However, again: every drug can be found if it is specifically searched for.

Being overweight is the first enemy of the fast disposal of THC another essential tip is to try and lose a few pounds before the big day. Another good idea is to select the foods that will compose the diet, it is very important to eat foods rich in fiber because the fibers help the body to expel the metabolites through the intestine, rather than through the urine.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is normally found in the blood and by inhalation (test of the balloon) and, except for intoxication, remains in the body only a few hours.


In the urine, the metabolites are searched, that is the substances that are produced by the metabolism of the substances. Each drug testing analysis can, therefore, vary according to several factors that can not be defined: metabolism, tolerance, the frequency of use, consumption of liquids, amount of substance taken, a percentage of purity of the substance itself as well as the time of use. It should be taken with due caution and it is not possible to trace the dose or when taken with the data obtained.

Interpretation of the drug testing results

Positive – The substance is present in the biological sample. The substance has been taken, but the methods are not known. Negative – The substance is not present, the substance was not taken. Obviously, it is necessary to be sure that the sample has not been altered, exchanged or diluted.

The sample is kept in the fridge for 3 days, or at -20 ° C even up to 6 months.