All About Drug Tests

On average, the liver needs 1.5 hours for each glass of alcoholic beverage to remove the alcohol from the body. The more you drink, the longer it takes. Not only the speed at which the alcohol in the body is broken down is important.

The amount of alcohol in the blood also depends on gender and weight. Alcohol thins with the body fluid. The body of a man contains on average considerably more body fluid than the body of a woman (women have more adipose tissue) and are on average also heavier. So in men, alcohol is less impactful than in women.

There is a formula with which you can calculate how high your blood alcohol level is at a certain moment. With the formula, you can also calculate how long it takes before your palette below 0.5.

Alcohol testing by Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) tests the urine for the presence of the alcohol metabolite EtG. The advantage of measuring EtG is that it is detectable for longer in the urine than alcohol. This makes it a useful provision for the use of alcohol. EtG is detectable for 2 to 5 days after alcohol consumption.

This means that if this test is repeated within 5 days, a positive result could still be a residual value from previous use. If drug testing is repeated after 5 days and is positive, this always indicates new use. If a test is repeated after 2 – 5 days and the EtG value is positive but more than 50% decreased, then it is possible that there is no new alcohol consumption.

If a test is repeated after 2 – 5 days and the EtG value is positive and higher or less than 50%, then it is very likely that there is new alcohol consumption (1). We also often look at the percentage of CDT in the blood when suspected of excessive alcohol consumption. In short, CDT can be regarded as a protein that results from excessive alcohol consumption over a period of at least one week.

There are other ways to handle drug testing your alcohol use today. You will then look at your liver (GGT, ALT) by means of laboratory tests. On the basis of the damage to your liver or the proportions of certain enzymes, it can be determined what the drinking behavior of the person concerned is. This way you can look back much further, up to 3 months. Drug testing can be used for example in a traffic violation or to check stopped alcoholics.